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We wanted to go back to how we started on essential oils and this was the best way to show it. 


We use a variety of oils and blend them together to create this balm. The oils in the balm are frankincense, gernaium, rose and jasmine for pain and hormonal balance and irratibility. Peppermint for a cooling affect. Vanilla and rosemary for a warm affect. Vetiver for hormonal balance. Grapefruit for bloating. 


We formulated this with lots of good oils to give specific needs to women who need it most. We recommend using this daily to see a balance and less cramps during their period. Use the week expecting for less cramps and symptoms. 


Comes in a 1oz push up tube for easy application.

Cramp Balm (PMS Relief)

  • Rub the balm on pelvic area twice a day for the week of expecting period or once a day every day. Can also rub on back if there is pain or uncomfortableness. 

  • Candelilla Wax/Cire de Candelilla, Apricot Oil/L’huile Abricot, Meadowfoam oil/huile d’écume de Prês, Borage oil/l’huile de bourrache and/et Essential Oils/Huile Essentielles.